Our Mission

Automating client’s ideas and visions to improve productivity with cutting edge Information System solutions catering for business, private and entertainment sectors.

Our Goal

To provide value-added Information Systems solutions which guide and direct clients to maximize productivity and profitability.

Our Vision

To be an internationally recognized Information Systems solutions company which provides excellent client relationships by:
1 Using ultra-modern technology infrastructure. 2 Delivering secure solution that empower clients to effectively manage and use digital assets which maximize prifitability and productivity.

Our Services


Website Development

We develop responsive and dynamic websites bundled with a Content Management System. We offer free maintenance for 12 months after initial launch and quote for any maintenance requests thereafter depending on the scope of work. 


Web Hosting

We offer web hosting for websites and web applications developed using any technology.


Domain Management

We manage client domains through domain registration, transfer and renewal.


Vendor IS Engineering

We offer vendor Operating System (Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux) and application packages engineering, maintenance and support on all forms of computer hardware.


Bespoke IS Engineering

We offer tailor made Information Systems engineering for clients. This involves both all one of the following: 
 1. Software engineering in accordance with user specifications. 
 2. Systems Engineering of customizable proprietary or open source Information Systems that fit the client's user specifications. An example is webmail setup.


Graphic Designing / Branding

We create a plethora of branding graphics for clients which are not limited to logos, banners, posters, event cards, billboards, social media Ads, business cards, company profiles, apparel designs etc.



We install and support eMalonda a subscription based distributed trading IS built by WELLOVERSE. It can be deployed in any environment where business owners want to track revenue streams against daily activities.

It offers the following core modules:
1. Point of sale
2. Inventory control
3. Stock Management
4. Quotes and Invoice Management
5. Debtors and Creditors Management
6. Layby Management
7. User management with audit trail tracking
8. Tabular and visual reporting for data generated by the above modules

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Positive customer engagement
  • Security
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Innovation
  • Premium quality
  • User friendly technology services
  • Diversity

"We treat our clients like we would want to be treated. Period!"

Our Client Portfolio

Palm Consulting Limited: Website Development And Web Hosting for Palm Consulting Limited
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Branding for Glow-rious Beauty and Wellness
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Re-branding, Website Development, Domain Management And Web Hosting for Global Alternative Dispute Resolution & Engineering Consultants - GADREC (Pty) Ltd
View Project
Rebranding for TIWELLS Building Contractors
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Web Mail Setup, Domain Management and Web Hosting for Blantyre Institute For Community Outreach (BICO)
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Re-Branding for PartSave
View Project
Branding, Website Development, Domain Management And Web Hosting for Klark Construction Ltd
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Website Development, Domain Management And Web Hosting for Mpira Mmudzi Mwathu
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Website Re-development, Domain Management And Web Hosting for Namsie Manufacturing and Food Processing
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Website Development, Domain Management And Web Hosting for Wilkinson Attorneys and Law Consultants
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Website Development, Domain Management and Web Hosting for Victorious Enterprise
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Website Re-development for Association of Environmental Journalists in Malawi
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